Total Security Solutions

Total Security Solutions

Vigilance is our Forte

CFSB encompasses a wide range of services in the security industry that surpasses that of our competitors. We are the providers for a total security solution that makes it a first in the industry. We differ from other competitor companies who only specialize and provide selected fields of security. An example of this is our ability to arm our rapid response team for any emergency which normal security firms are unable to provide.

Our personnel are highly trained within our own academy and carefully selected for their integrity, professionalism and responsibility.

We provide enhanced features in our services; especially in our CMS which operate on a real-time basis. It is NOT just an alarm system but a true surveillance and response service that can be installed in any premises. All our 24-hour monitoring is manned by a personnel that has been highly trained to attend to your needs on an ad hoc basis, thus ensuring a quick response time of 15 minutes with an armed team to your site the moment an alarm is triggered.

We have also invested in state-of- the-art surveillance and body guard equipment such as a HH-65A dolphin helicopter to support our ground operations and armored vehicles for additional client safety and protection. In terms of personnel, we have a force of ex British Army Gurkhas employed as .guards and bodyguards.

Our solutions will provide our clients with peace of mind in ensuring that their safety and profits will be well protected.