Executive Aide-de-camp

Executive Aide-de-camp

Ever dreamed how it is like being the right-hand man of top notch CEOs of various corporations? As an Executive Aide de Camp, you do not have to dream about it any longer.

A personal aide to a top business leader, the Executive ADC is responsible for the SAFETY and FACILITATION of the leader’s daily routine. The main role of an Executive Aide de Camp is to assist prominent business figures in the corporate world on tasks such as:-

  • Coordinating, planning, executing and following up on the CEO’s events
  • Preparing and organizing business meeting schedules for the CEOs
  • Planning and executing business trip itineraries
  • Coordinating with other staff members
  • Other varied duties


With close rapport, the EADC will benefit from the valuable experience and business acumen of the leader. This will serve as a springboard for the EADC to realise his own ambitions.


To be an Executive Aide de Camp, you have to meet the following criteria :-

Bright and Educated

At least a degree from any discipline with active involvement in extra-curricular activities

Business Savvy

Have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and have business-savvy minds

Highly Literate

Must be well-literate and have strong communication, interpersonal and written skills


Creative problem-solvers, who perform exceedingly well in demanding environment

A personal aide to a top business leader, the Executive Aide-de-camp is responsible for the safety and facilitation of the leader’s daily routine. For more enquiries on the EADC or business opportunities with us, send us an enquiry ticket below:-

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