Doorman (Armed / Unarmed)

The professional front-liners

Doorman (Armed / Unarmed)

Our professional static guards are scrutinized for their backgrounds, well groomed and trained in professional protection ready for full deployment at all locations.

Gurkha Security Services

The Ministry of Home Affairs has granted approval for Chico Force to bring in ex-British Army (Gurkha) to serve as security guards in various locations in the Klang Valley. The Gurkhas are well known for their bravery, integrity and loyalty in the course of their military career when they served the British Army for the last 140 years in Hong Kong, Brunei and Far East. Among their outstanding achievements is their bravery and loyalty in various military campaigns, which include the Falklands Campaign.

These ex-British Army Gurkha have been re-employed internationally mainly in Hong Kong, Miami, Los Angeles and Europe as security guards and also in security-related jobs. Their ability to adapt to any new environment garners a high demand for their services internationally.