Mobile safety armor

Convoy Protection

Bullet Proof Vehicles are no longer used exclusively by politicians, ministers and bureaucrats as a means of defense against assassination and terrorism.

Safety and prestige are becoming increasingly important to many private citizens and executives.

Chico Force's Bullet Proof passenger car security services and professionally trained armed body guards provides the ultimate in security protection.

As far as Bullet Proofing of vehicles is concerned, we have been in the forefront with new Technologies designed for the Protection of VVIPS, Chief Executive of large organization, high profile overseas visitors, diplomats and ambassadors alike.

Money in Transit

Chico Force has a highly efficient fleet of bullet-proof armored carriers which are available to clients who require constant monitoring of funds transported together with items of value. During the assignment, our professional guards carry the latest weapons and communications equipment. They are trained in weapons handling techniques and have regular range firing practices to continuously enhance their professional arms handling skills.