Close Protection Services

Personal safety first

Close Protection Services

We have at your disposal; trained personnel for armed and unarmed assignments to care for your personal safety needs.

Chico Force provide, a very professional and dedicated security management team with proactive advice 24 hours a day that distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various Governments and Special Forces.

These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experiences and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

VIP Protection

Chico Force has extended its security services into the area of escort and bodyguards, catering to high-powered corporate meetings, political functions and public or private functions. Our professional trained security personnel and bodyguards offer more than basic protection. They are highly trained to anticipate and avoid any untoward incidents.

Our expertise and services in this area are highly regarded by the community, so much so we are the permanent official security provider for Miss Chinese Universe Pageant.