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PowerHouse In The Industry


Published by Oriental Daily
Dated on 28 March 2020


“This job is full of challenges, each and every situation is different with another, and I believe each has it own unique solution, don’t limit yourself and don’t give up easily.”


“To stay in this field for 5 years, one must possess strong willpower.” Through the interview, Ivy share her experiences in the industry and throughout the talk, she keeps emphasizing a word, willpower. Willpower is what makes her stay in this bodyguard & be firm to her belief.

For the now 28 years old Ivy, she had shown to possess excellence performance in physical capabilities during her childhood period. Graduated in Universiti Pertahanan National Malaysia, Maritime Tech and been in service with the Malaysia’s. Due to don’t want to leave family’s side, she choose to stay on the land & bring herself to her current bodyguard industry.

“Instead of being called bodyguard, we prefer to be called ‘Super Personal Assistant’ or ‘Executive Aide De Camp.” According to Ivy, the security industry only consists of bodyguard/CPO but her current company, Chico Force (M) Sdn Bhd had introduced a new position for bodyguard, which is ‘EADC’. Other than close protection services, EADC also need to turn herself/himself into a personal assistant, which equipped with both brawn & brain.

As a EADC/CPO, one needs to be close to client after he/she step out of the house, responsible for the safety of client until returning the client back to his/her doorstep safely. Every weekend will be used for training, which is to ensure our own physical & mental are in perfect condition.

Your one & only off day were used for training, doesn’t that means you didn’t rest? To which Ivy replied, she didn’t have enough time to workout other than weekend. In this profession, you can’t have your cake & eat it too. Other than that, she’ll also spend an hour for reading which could help her relax & sometime gives her the solution for her problems.

She also mentioned during the interview, as a female in this profession, she’ll be facing a lot of challenges due to her physical size & stature. Plus, this also become a problem of distrust between her colleagues when she’s on duty. Inevitably in such circumstances but time shall proves what’s wrong & right. With a delicate mindset of female bodyguard, they’re able to respond swiftly to client’s need and able to solve problems with mild solution. According to Ivy, the numbers of female joining this industry is increasing daily. With the rise in number of female bosses and entrepreneurs, this will bring more demands for female bodyguards, which the communities would confirm their capability.

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