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Medallist aims for bigger things

Niho Khoo

Niho Khoo

PETALING JAYA: Just months after taking up shooting as a hobby, Khoo Nee Hoe is already carving a name for herself as a sharp shooter.

The Klang lass made waves after tagging along with her father to the shooting range last October.

“I went to the range with dad and my brother Nee Keong out of curiosity. I was taken in by the sport,” said the 25-year-old, who won a bronze at the recent SEA Games in Singapore.

Nee Keong took part in the men’s shooting event, but failed to deliver a medal.

Nee Hoe said she gave it her best despite the short training period she had for the Games.

“I did not train as a full-fledged athlete. I joined the national team through an elimination round organised locally, and ended up on the final team,’’ added Nee Hoe, who clinched the medal in the Precision Pistol event.

Nee Hoe said victory had given her ideas on how to move forward in life.

“I believe that nothing is impossible. Time management is most important – it can make or break you,’’ she added.

Nee Hoe, who has a business qualification, said growing up in a “security conscious” family gave her an added advantage.

“It’s in my blood,” she said. “I was exposed to security issues from young, so much so that I wanted to be involved in the security sector,” said the executive director of security firm Chico Force.

Nee Hoe is spearheading a pioneer project in Chico Force to produce executive aide-de-camps (EADCs) to serve top-notch corporate leaders.

“The EADC will have to not just protect the boss, but also handle other corporate duties. This is the new way forward in the security sector,’’ she said, adding that aspiring candidates needed to have a university degree.

Nee Hoe pledged to not give up on doing better at the next SEA Games. “I am going to go all out,” she said.

Her father Datuk Seri Juniur Khoo, who is the CEO of Chico Force, said he was proud of Nee Hoe’s zest for life.

“She is doing well both on and off the field,” he said.

“It may just have been a bronze at the SEA Games but it is a good start.”
Medallist aims for bigger things

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