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ACP Munusamy

PETALING JAYA: Close contact and frequent dialogues with the police is the best option to stay clear of getting in trouble with gangsters, say residents associations (RAs).

Bangsar Baru RA secretary Prem Kumar Nair said he and his association had maintained a safe environment for their residents by constantly keeping in touch with the police.

“We did have problems with gangsters about 15 or 20 years ago, but that was resolved once we roped the police in to handle the matter.

“Over time, we found that giving feedback through frequent engagements with the police was successful in keeping our residential area safe,” he said in urging all RAs to do the same.

He added that though there were petty crimes in the area, it was not as rampant as it was before as there were regular patrols by police now.

Brickfields Rukun Tetangga chairman SKK Naidu said it was often up to the security company to decide whether gangsters would be involved in keeping security.

“It is definitely not a better option, but it is happening.

“The Brickfields neighbourhood watch feels that the best way to keep security intact is to get in touch with the police and keep them informed on what is happening.”

Naidu added that since the police had been given the responsibility of looking after the safety of people, it was only right for residents to engage with them for help in getting proper security.

A member of the Tempua RA in Puchong said that residents in his area suffered for quite a long time with what was believed to be a security firm run by gangsters.

“It was not so prominent and there was not much trouble until one day we found out that one of the break-ins there was caused by the people who claimed to be the security.

“It was shortly after a wedding in one of the houses. Later we found out that these people whose house was broken into had not paid the annual fee to the security company,” said the member.

He said the RA finally reached out to the police and since then, the neighbourhood had been safe and peaceful.

Some Star Online readers felt it was acceptable to hire gangsters as security guards as it allowed them to make a proper living.

They said that as long as they protected the residents and adhered to the regulations, it was acceptable.

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